Metal protective helix for cable and HPH

Urduga SM - metal protection system is one of the most commonly used protection options for high-pressure hoses and brake hoses in Russia driven by the high quality of our materials and traditional background.

Currently, we use two main types of wire to make a protective spiral:

  • Galvanized wire
  • Stainless steel wire

A wire type is selected based on operation conditions of a metal protective spiral for HPH and the budget planned for protected HPH manufacturing.

A metal spiral is applied directly to a high-pressure hose in process of manufacturing. It is also advised to use metal spiral completed with OSS textile protection.

How to choose a spiral for HPH?

There are several criteria for choosing a protective spiral for cable and high pressure hose:

  • If hose or cable are used under normal conditions, choose the protection with internal diameter at least 2 mm larger than the nominal diameter of the cable.
  • The length of protective spiral should be not less than the length of protected hose. Give an allowance for crimping sleeves.
  • The spiral pitch should be not more than 5-7 diameters of the wire.
  • The spiral should be installed on hose that is press-fitted on one end.

Note that installation of protective spiral should be carried out only by qualified personnel using specialized certified equipment.

Technical specifications

  • It is made of galvanized and stainless wire
  • Withstands high shock loads
  • Mounted in the manufacture of sleeves

Size table

Code Internal Diameter
Wall thickness
SM17 17 2 5;10
SM20 20 2 5;10
SM22 22 2 5;10
SM25 25 2 5;10
SM29 29 2,5 5;10
SM31 31 2,5 5;10
SM33 33 2,5 5;10
SM35 35 2,5 5;10
SM41 41 2,5 5;10
SM47 47 2,5 5;10
SM51 51 3 5;10
SM56 56 3 5;10

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